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Founder MS Fitness Challenge

Murrieta, CA


I have a vast array of skills in fitness, nutrition, motivational speaking, writing and multiple sclerosis. I am ready to assist in any fitness/wellness/motivational/educational programs for MS and other chronic conditions whether engaging live or in videos for group, one on one, or online. As a published author, I am available for writing assignments/projects for print or online publications. I am as well available for any speaking engagements nationwide.

AVAILABILITY: 21-30 hours/week

Industry Experience
Entertainment Healthcare - Fitness Healthcare - Nutrition Other
Areas Of Expertise
Blogger Business Development Copywriter Influencer Marketing Marketing Social Media
Health Perspective
Patient Advocate
Health Conditions
Multiple Sclerosis
January 2015 – Present

OPTIMALBODY is the newest name in fitness with a gym chain opening worldwide, supplement line in nationwide retail locations and more products to come.

It is the mission of OptimalBody Personal Fitness to provide a personal interest in each individual in an effort to help them live a lifestyle of fitness and health. OptimalBody's goal is to positively impact the lives of people who need the guidance of certified fitness professionals in proper training and education within a compassionate and motivating atmosphere that ensures results and success. OptimalBody SPECIALIZES IN YOU and provides access to highly skilled wellness professionals such as nutritionists, chiropractors, hormone specialists and others on site enabling each person to reach their goals safely and through a combination of fitness, nutrition and health disciplines.

President, David Lyons, has spent most of his life in the gym either training as a boxer/martial artist or bodybuilder. He owned fitness centers across the US in the late 80’s/early 90’s; created and manufactured his own line of supplements; trained athletes and celebrities; and, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, founded The MS Bodybuilding Challenge and co-founded the MS Fitness Challenge non profit charity with wife, Kendra R.N.

OptimalBody touches the lives of fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. It is not just a company but it’s also a lifestyle of health & fitness that is currently launching a supplement line; training programs; fitness wear; equipment and other branded products to promote and enhance the fitness industry. And it's gym/wellness facility, OptimalBody Personal Fitness, opened its first location in spring 2016 in Murrieta, CA.

The name OptimalBody has been aligned with some of the fitness industry’s top companies and is endorsed by well respected fitness experts and many other top fitness trainers and professionals.

January 2012 – Present

The MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) was birthed from David Lyons' MS Bodybuilding Challenge started in 2008 and his wife, registered nurse, Kendra's desire to help others who suffer from multiple sclerosis. His bodybuilding challenge and his book, David's Goliath, about his journey as a bodybuilder with MS are inspirations to others who find trials and obstacles in life to overcome. But the MSFC is David's test to others to fight this debilitating disease through health & fitness.

Sponsored by Champion Performance, EGG Crystals, EMD Serono and the OptimalBody fitness brand it is the goal of the MS Fitness Challenge to provide certified fitness professionals to people with MS nationwide in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of health & fitness in winning the battle against multiple sclerosis. MSFC will pay for these professionals to work with the person signed up for the Challenge and a membership for that person at one of the MSFC host fitness centers through the donations of its supporters. We have also launched our TRAINERS section of our website to connect trainers to MSers worldwide.

Most people with MS cannot afford the cost of hiring professionals to help them and medical insurance does not cover this expense. Patients find themselves discouraged with their limitations and lack of help in the area of fitness. Prescription medications can provide symptom relief but there is no cure for MS and there is little support of a health regime for patients. MSFC implements the support people with MS need to stay as fit as possible, overcome limits and keep their bodies moving.

Help us help those with MS to beat this disease through health & fitness and combat its devastating effects on the body. 100% of all donations go to the cost of the MS Fitness Challenge program with a portion going to the National MS Society to support their organization's work.

Columnist at
May 2013 – Present


DAVID LYONS was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006 at the age of 47. A bodybuilder and former owner of fitness centers, Lyons made the choice to fight MS head-on through bodybuilding. He founded the MS Bodybuilding Challenge in 2008, and in 2009, at age 50, competed in his first bodybuilding contest with MS, winning a Most Inspirational trophy. In 2012, Lyons and his wife, Kendra, a registered nurse, created the MS Fitness Challenge to support people with MS in their efforts to stay as fit as possible, overcome limitations, and keep their bodies moving.

David attributes his strength and determination to the power of God in his life. He is a contributor to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a writer and speaker. In 2015, Lyons was honored by bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2016 he received the Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award from the Global Bodybuilding Organization, an international fitness federation.

Lyons is the author of David's Goliath, an autobiographical story of his journey with MS, and his new book, Everyday Health and Fitness With Multiple Sclerosis, is for anyone who wants to get in top shape while battling physical or emotional obstacles to getting started.

In his latest branding venture, David has launched OptimalBody Personal Fitness, a gym and wellness facility designed for people who want real results for a lifestyle of health and fitness. The gym has the most highly certified MS and disability trainers in the industry, many of them having completed Lyons’s MS Fitness & Wellness Specialist course, which he developed through American Fitness Professionals & Associates.

January 2002 – Present

Click to edit position description David Lyons, is a multi-award winning producer/filmmaker with over 14 years in the entertainment industry. During this time, he has garnered 4 Aurora Awards, 3 Tellys, 3 Platinum Pixie Awards and a Remi amongst others. In 2010, he won 4 Platinum EMPixx awards for writing and animation. In 2013 David won a Telly, Davie and other awards for the documentary, SIMON SAYS.

Producer, Director & Senior VP of Hog Heaven TV Show, reaching 30 million viewers domestically. After 6 seasons the series is now in syndication & international distribution.

Creator and Executive Producer of 2 sports reality shows, STREET GAMES and RACK, which received green lights by FOX Sports Network in 2006.

Creator and EP of CREEPERS, the animated children’s project which has won more than 30 international film festival awards for best animation, writing and humor and has been screened worldwide as an Official Selection at film festivals including, Cannes Film Festival in France.

In 2009 David signed a deal with Pink Sneakers Productions (producers of Hogan Knows Best on VH1 and other hit shows) to co-produce a new reality show which he created.

In 2010, David merged his company with Andrew Bishop and formed what is now Bishop-Lyons (BLE). David and Andrew created original programming and partnered with some of television's most successful production companies.

2012/2013 David signed deals with companies such as 3Ball Productions (The Biggest Loser), Triage Entertainment (Iron Chef), Left Right Productions (Mob Wives), FOX Studios and others. BLE also signed a first look and production deal with ITV STUDIOS AMERICA.

In 2014, David and Andrew Bishop partnered with some of entertainment's top executives & producers and are in show production with AMC, MTV and other networks and have also signed a Canadian production deal with Force Four (producers of Canadian Bachelor). Both David and Andrew individually won the Chief Strategy Officer of the Year Award at the Innovation Awards ceremony.

In 2016 BLE is in pre-production of the feature film Dead By Midnight and History Channel's Assassination Files among other projects.

Bachelors, TV & Film
NY Institute of Technology
September 1979 – June 1984
Westbury, NY, United States

Certificate, Master personal trainer
American Sports & Fitness Association
October 2016 – Present
St. Louis, MO, United States

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