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Patient Health Advocate

Melrose, MA


I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. Since then I have committed myself to being a advocate for others. I have participated in several conferences as a patient expert and am active in the online community.

Additionally, professionally I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and have worked as a medical social worker advocating for patients and families for many years. I also provide therapy in my private practice.

AVAILABILITY: less than 10 hours/week

Health Conditions
Multiple Sclerosis

Provided counseling to patients and families in an acute medical setting.

Masters, Social Work
Boston College
Boston, MA, United States

  • Multiple Sclerosis Insight Group - Dec 1st, 2016

    12/01/2016 - 12/08/2016


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    $152.44 earned

    Jodi is always a great asset to insight groups. She brings great information and makes it very easy to relate to the people in her community.

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