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Bonnie Feldman DDS, MBA. Chief Collaboration Officer at DrBonnie360/Your Autoimmunity Connection.


Bonnie and her team consults with entrepreneurs and startups developing products and services to improve all aspects of autoimmune care. Our mission is to exploit the convergence of digital tech with science and patient activism to publicize the invisible epidemic, reimagine research and empower patient communities, to advance towards individualized autoimmune diagnosis, treatment, coaching and care coordination. Our vision is to help patients progress from managing disease to living their healthiest selves and preventing disease in their children and grandchildren. Over the past two years, Bonnie has interviewed 200+ start-up companies and presented at or attended 50+ digital health meetings, speaking on behalf of the 50M+ autoimmune patients around the world. With a unique body of experience as a healthcare provider, researcher, analyst and patient, Bonnie can help you bridge the autoimmune abyss.

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Industry Experience
Healthcare - Academia Healthcare - Advocacy Healthcare - Biotechnology Healthcare - Clinical Healthcare - Online Communities Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Healthcare - Policy Healthcare - Research Healthcare - Technology
Areas Of Expertise
Blogger Business Development Consumer Engagement Consumer Insights Digital Marketing Event Planner Finance Marketing Mobile App Development Product Development Program Development Project Management Strategy
Health Perspective
Patient Healthcare Provider Advocate
Health Conditions
Autoimmune Diseases Celiac Disease CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Chronic Illness Fibromyalgia Lupus Oral Health Osteoporosis
Founder/CEO at Bonnie Feldman, DDS
June 1980 – April 1990

As the builder and owner of two dental practices, I managed finances, business development, staffing and operations as well as patient care. At the same time, my consulting work included health services research at the Rand Corporation on clinical outcomes, and quality claims review consulting at Prudential Insurance, as well as business development and strategy counseling for dental and medical clients.

Wall Street healthcare equity analyst at Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA
September 1998 – December 2005

I worked on all sides of the healthcare investor equation- as a sell-side and buy-side equity analyst, and in investor relations, communications and institutional sales. In this work, I analyzed hundreds of healthcare company business models.

Communications, Marketing and Business Development Consultant at Feldman Stakeholder Relations
January 2006 – April 2008

Both as an in-house and as outside counselor, I helped senior managers create and execute integrated investor relations and communications strategies. Seeing a need for consistent messaging across functional silos, she is adept at integrating and executing strategies in communications, marketing, market research, business development and investor and public relations.

May 2008 – Present

Building upon my clinical experience and my Wall Street work, I bring a triple lens to my digital health consulting. This allows me to understand what clinicians need and how technology and data can supply the tools to improve patient care. I am at ease working cross-functionally with multidisciplinary teams bringing intellectual and interpersonal flexibility, good listening skills, resiliency and a sense of humor.

Bachelors, Economics

Masters, MBA in Finance

Doctorate, Doctor of Dental Surgery

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