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Case Study: The human impact of rising healthcare costs

Storytelling to build campaign awareness

Engagement Type

Content Creation & Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

Amino has been working to build broad awareness around the impact of rising healthcare costs on everyday Americans. Millions of Americans are affected by this issue but most are not empowered to manage their costs effectively.

For Amino’s first focused campaign around this topic, the company partnered with research firm Ipsos to run a survey about how Americans were coping with healthcare costs, surprise bills, and more. To complement the findings, Amino also sought patients who had dealt first-hand with the burden of healthcare costs and who could create personal, engaging, and visual content to share with their community. Amino turned to WEGO to help source authentic voices who could offer up their personal experiences and tips for managing healthcare costs.

The Solution

After posting the campaign and vetting a number of proposals, Amino ultimately chose to partner with three Patient Experts. The Experts came from different health backgrounds, and each had an engaging community and an interest in sharing their authentic experiences coping with healthcare costs.

Amino’s team worked with the Experts over the course of a few weeks to familiarize them with Amino’s brand, the company’s free healthcare search and cost tools, and the specifics of the campaign. Patient Experts each proposed a story and social engagement strategy that best fit their voice, experience, and community — including blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook Live, and Twitter content timed around the release of the Ipsos survey. Each story contained a personal experience with managing healthcare costs, best practices and advice for talking to healthcare providers about costs and negotiating medical bills, and educational resources patients could seek out to help them mitigate the cost of care.

The Outcome

In total, Patient Experts created three YouTube videos, one Facebook Live session, two blog posts, and dozens of Facebook and Twitter posts that promoted their stories and advice for their communities. The collective reach within the first two weeks of publishing and promoting the content included thousands of views across YouTube and Facebook Live, hundreds of Facebook and Twitter engagements, and nearly a hundred shares of the blog posts. Furthermore, the content generated dozens of active online conversations between community members about managing healthcare finances. Each Patient Expert also provided Amino with quotes that continue to be repurposed in Amino’s “Budgeting for Healthcare” editorial series, as well as quotes for media outreach during the survey.


WEGO has given us a platform to engage authentically within the healthcare community and collaborate with Patient Experts who align with our mission of helping people make more informed healthcare decisions. These partnerships add a unique perspective on top of our data-driven recommendations and content. By engaging with WEGO Patient Experts, we hope to create lifelong brand advocates who can continually give us feedback and support as we expand our transparency efforts.

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy

Head of Content


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