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Case Study: Rare disease market research

The Challenge

Find, screen, and recruit 24 patients and caregivers within a rare disease category to support a research initiative of a major life sciences company and schedule the participants for hour-long in-person interviews – all within 45 days!

The Solution

Engage a patient leader with the skills, reach, credibility and trust to crowdsource the research through an array of social media channels and online patient communities.

The Outcome

Successful recruitment of qualified candidates and successful interviews within 30 days. Delivered at a per patient acquisition cost approximately 60% less than traditional channels.

Client Testimonial

As a company that focuses on the human aspect of market research and intimately understands customers' and patients’ needs throughout various life experiences – we were extremely delighted by our experience with WEGO Health Experts. Recruiting the niche patient population we were searching for would have never been possible without their help. Leanna was attentive, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. We would recommend using WEGO Health Experts for not only your hardest recruits, but for any recruit. Their “crowd sourcing” tactics are proven and we’ll be enlisting their services again soon.

AJ Avedon

AJ Avedon

Research Consultant

“Leanna was a 5/5”

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